Today I've got a morning picture for you. So good morning buddy! How did you sleep, what were your dreams about? Didn't you remember anything important?
    And I did. I remembered that I'd
forgotten to tell you about another type of person that you'd need to recognize. Oh, they're quite arrogant and even angry. You'll need a special approach for them… otherwise you'll be told off.
    Oh no, no. They're not schoolteachers, - not even policemen! They're more important than that. Have you guessed already? No?! Well, I'll tell you, they're angry with me. Maybe this will help you.
    One of them told me off for the Castle. When watching the Castle you told me how this picture fascinated you.
    He took a quick look at the Castle and then told me the picture was wrong. There should've been an army marching out of the castle, and woodcutters setting off for the forest. And on the whole, the file size was too large for a picture where there's only snow falling, a planet soaring, someone strolling around the castle with a candle and with sad music playing…
    Just imagine, he knew everything about the inner structure, all about what there is and what there should be in this little world! He also knew things that'd take place in the future, not to mention the past! I'm sure you can already guess who I'm talking about - a Programmer.
    You must learn to recognize programmers just as postmen. Sometimes they stroll around our world together. That's because they have a lot in common. But they're very very different, in fact, more than different - they're complete opposites! You surely remember that the main goal of a postman's life is to be so well hidden that no one can ever find him. And the programmer's one is quite the contrary!
    No, not to stand in the most prominent place where everybody can see him. That'd be too simple. Try to understand. It's not a coincidence that I'm teaching you to recognize programmers using postmen as the example. And when I tell you they're opposites, it means programmers are "opposite postmen". What do you think - is it possible to say so?
    No? That's what I really like about it. We've found an impossible word for you. It exists, but it's impossible. We'll tame it now, and it'll become our own special word. Well, but how can we tame it? Oh! That's really easy. I'll teach you. To tame a word you should understand it. They feel really happy when somebody understands them!
    To understand a word, first start respecting it. You know, there were times when the Word was with God, and the Word was God! You surely remember that.
    Then peer into it like a wise teacher peers into a school composition.
    And you'll see that an "opposite" postman should have something in common with a "non-opposite" one. What is it? No matter where the postman goes, the main thing is that he's in the bushes! The point is that one of them has just started hiding and the other one, hidden already, is looking out.
    All the programmers are postmen that are hidden too well, who've got tired of waiting for someone to find them. That's why they keep looking out of their bushes and giving signs: Hey! Here's someone you've forgotten! Try harder!
    How do they give signs? Oh, those questions you ask! Sometimes the right question's more important than two answers. Or even three!
    Try to remember the last time you recognized a programmer in the street? Remember? No? Well, postmen are sometimes recognizable, but a programmer's absolutely impossible to identify among ordinary people.
    That's because a postman's still willing to hide, and a programmer's already well hidden. That means he's unrecognizable by its exterior. And he knows that for sure! So, just imagine what a difficult task a programmer has to solve in order to be found! Besides, he must keep the bushes untouched, so that people could walk past him up and down the street and no one could say: Oh, I recognize you! You're programmer!
    So the signs he gives must be very subtle, as if he wanted to be found and not to be found at the same time. And if they do find him in the end - let it not be everybody, but only those who deserve it.
    Let me tell you one more story. Suddenly someone sends me a message and starts admonishing me for the Fire. And what does he say about it? That's inadmissible! That's really bad! That's just a small flame!
    You got it? Just a small flame! He'd noticed, he'd spotted it! Remember I've told you how much I suffered due to this Flame. Those muddle-headed artists didn't remove the Flame from the fire! They've cornered me with it! And a programmer noticed it and reprimanded me.
    He saw that the essence of fire was the Flame… He sees the essence of things. So who is he in fact? A programmer, of course!
    But why did he get angry? Because he knew that showing the Flame to people is forbidden. Just a flame. Even a small one. They might wake up and remember. People should sleep. And the most valuable thing in their lives is the dreams they have. It's necessary to keep people asleep and to multiply their dreams. You must never let them look at the same picture for a long time. Their eyes will focus, their attention will be heightened and they'll want to penetrate beyond the canvas. There, where the inner structure and a great many other things are hidden…
    Never, never should people be allowed to penetrate beyond the dream's fancies. On the contrary, it's necessary to multiply the dreams, inserting endlessly senseless pictures, just pouring them into the sleepers' heads so that there isn't the slightest chance of waking up…
    Do you hear me, my friend? I'm sure you understand which dreams I'm speaking about. You yourself will remember that I'm always asking you to sleep. How dare I to fight against the ruling religion, against the religion of  DREAMS!?
    Well, forget the dreams, let them be. And have you understood what kind of signs the programmer was giving us? Come on, wake up, stretch and let's start learning to think. Come on, remember all the traits of this reserved creature. He knows the past and the future, he sees the structure and the essence, he determines everything - who should sleep and who should lull others into sleep…
    Do you now who he really is yet? "Programmer" is a new word. In ancient times such creatures were called Gods. Programmer is just a name for the bushes where someone is hiding and crying out: Cuckoo! You haven't found me yet! And God, he's also a programmer, if you think it out.
    But how can God hide in the bushes? That's a riddle. I'll drop you a hint. You should become small for that. And you already know how to become small. You need to travel for a very long time over many worlds, leaving a piece of yourself in each. A person who's traveled a lot somehow seems to be "erased" by the worlds he has passed, and so he becomes a small Divinity-programmer, or a Postman, or an Artist…
    A Programmer remembers the structure of the worlds, an Artist remembers what they looked like and a Postman remembers pain… And it really hurts them to recollect. The Postman is willing to hide from his recollections and from himself; the Programmer is looking out of the bushes and is practicing secretly the worlds' creation magic. As for the Artist, he's a fool who's sick of hiding and has opened himself wide to all those wishing to throw stones at him.
    And who are you?
    I'm sending you a mirror. It's just a little water with lilies. A younger sister to the Small Flame. But for a person who took the "Who am I?" pill, it becomes a mirror. It reflects the creatures hiding inside you, like in the bushes.
    As for me, I'm a bit afraid of such toys. And you, though more courageous than me, look out! Who knows what might happen…