S c r e e n   S a v e r s
You will see from the first sight, that these screensavers are created by live people - by Artists, who put a piece of their soul and their life into creation. And put their vision of the future world. You will see it, hear it and feel it through unhurried movement of the picture on the screen, through magic music.
Why the images that are born inside you seem to be so familiar?
Maybe, you have already seen and heard something like this - in your youth or childhood, in reality or in dreams. Or, maybe, sometime and somewhere else…
Free screensavers:
Space Scout
Wild Beast Watching
Zen Fire
Rowan Castle
The tale that appears to be at the beginning
    Once upon a time… As it should be. There lived me… And what about you? So, there were times… I don't remember them. Or nearly don't remember… Do you understand me?
Other screensavers
Heather Honey
Mystic Mist
Wandering Horse
Wild Flowers
Home Zen (2)
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