Once upon a time… As it should be. There lived me… And what about you? So, there were times… I don't remember them. Or nearly don't remember… Do you understand me?
    I know that you do, I am very smart, and I recognize people who understand me right away!
    You see there are a lot of various people. One could say various forms of people.
    But that's not correct. First, because somebody will surely get offended for being called a Form. And, second, because it is exactly the form that is of no help in distinguishing them.
So, there exist a lot of people of one form - but different. All of us are able to distinguish different people, but it makes us so shy - that we convinced ourselves that we don't see anything. Some people really see nothing at all. The others see only some things. For example, those, who are afraid of beasts, easily recognize "people-beasts".
    And the people-beasts are also different: some of them are malicious, some are kind, but many more of them are stupid or sly. Some do not distinguish the people-beasts at all, but recognize noble people and scoundrels instead.
    There are also people, who see people-elves, people-gnomes, and people-trolls. But as a payment for that they can seldom see ordinary people.
    As for me I distinguish people by their memory. There are people, who remember nothing at all. Among them, some remember nothing because they have forgotten, and the others - because they've got nothing to remember. There are people, who remember something, and it drives them crazy. And there are people who remember that once they did remember.
    And I am such a person, and you are… And those who remember everything, are all gone. So you and I are the last hope.
    Memory of memory is such a subtle and delicate thing. Sometimes, while napping with my eyes closed, I suddenly see ancient books in front of me written in unknown letters. I read them, until I come to my senses. Sometimes it takes just a few moments. And as soon as I understand that I am reading an unknown book from who-knows-what world, something is starting, a feeling of magic fascination pierces me, and I change something in my perception. And right there the book starts to melt away in front of my eyes. Not once had I strength enough to hold it...
    Memory of that time is such a miracle. It stays constantly somewhere close at hand, and it always slips away once I make an effort. It is very much like the movement of spirits in the summer twilight.
    You are walking along the forest path, and something is stirring, moving, living around you all the time… You shudder, stand still and fix your gaze at the place where the movement seemed to be. But everything is motionless. And the more you scrutinize, the more it is likely there is nothing there.
    But once you are lost in thought for a moment, you feel a chill running along your spine, and by peripheral vision - the weak and unreliable, as we reckon - you can see some shadowy world weaving itself out of twilight movements…
    I know that you also remember that once you remembered that time. I see you, I have found you. We won't manage to recall that separately, we won't have enough strength neither to recall nor to survive in case it happens. But it is impossible for us not to recall - this is our destiny! Once we'll have to summon our strength and to accept this recollection as a challenge.
    Who is making it for us? Life? Fate? Gods? Perhaps a long-long time ago, at a time we've forgotten, we ourselves have set up an alarm clock and fixed the awakening time?
    And now it is ringing on a bedside-table, and we are tossing and grumbling in our sleep, and cannot guess what is disturbing us? And something is really disturbing, something is waking us up and pulling us about exigently. Stop sleeping, you, sleepyhead, you'll miss the kingdom of heaven!
    Have you seen these books? Have you looked in them at least once? If yes, peer at our live pictures - you'll recognize something in them. Listen attentively to the music, maybe it will remind you of something.
    And if not, if you haven't read even a line in those books, there's nothing wrong in it, I've written down something for you. Of course, as I was able to… I'm not a writer, you know. I'm a skomoroh and I tell fairy tales a little. But sometimes I write down what I've managed to read…
    By the way, I'm also fond of making alarm clocks.