Sitecraft-Studio 4.28.8
17.05.2010 15:54


    Do you want to create a website in 5 minutes? Can you create it without any professional knowledge of programming? Of course, there is a huge amount of website online builders. But most of sites that created in such programs have standard designs.
    What if you want to create a special design for your site? As well as be able to change the info as you wish: add new pages or delete outdated, add photos, news, articles or some features… just as professional programmer.
    And all these – without any knowledge of programming or memorizing codes. All you need – is a program that was created specially for such purposes. I’m talking about  Sitecraft-Studio.
Sitecraft is an easy-to-use software for creating web sites. Sitecraft was made for people who don’t want to learn web-programming, but who need to create a site with good-looking design.
Sitecraft-Studio has all necessary features for creating, publishing and optimization your website professionally. You may create as many sites as you wish: for yourself, your company or develop websites for sale.
    Read more here:
    You may look at the video-lesson “How to create a website in 5 minutes” here:
    With Sitecraft-Studio you’ll get 3 month of free web hosting on Babyhost – is an easy web hosting that has several hosting plans: 3$, 5$ or 8$ per month. More information on the website