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27.10.2009 10:48


Easy way of creating a business card
    “Tomorrow is a big day!” – how often do we say these words preparing for a meeting or a business exhibition. Maybe you are going to find new partners, sell your product or just set a good impression of your company. You are finishing a million of tasks, answering thousands of questions, and solving a huge amount of problems.
    One of the necessary attributes for the good result – is your business card. What if you forgot to order them? Or you just found out that you have wrong e-mail or telephone number on your card? The only way of solving this problem – is to create the business card by yourself.
    How can you do it? Of course you can always use one of the monsters of professional graphic editors. But! You need some professional skills to create something beautiful really fast. And the price of such programs is high – if you need to create only one business-card, or one flyer you won’t spend hundreds of dollars to buy such program.
    We advice you a good solution: Cartmeister-2 by WEBaby Corp. It was made on the Smart Interface Technology for people who don’t need to work in professional editors, but who need quickly create professionally looking business card.
    There are two ways of creating business card:
    1. Create your card from the white screen: you choose the necessary size for business card, add major background, insert pictures (from Cartmeister’s Storage or your own pictures) and edit texts.
    2. Use a template, made by our designers. This way you will spend only several minutes to add your personal information, and your business card is ready. Besides, you can edit the template as you wish or download some new templates from
    After creating the design you can easily arrange the card on the page and print the necessary amount on your own printer. Or you can prepare them for the print shop - to have the professional printing done.
    There are some more advantages of having this program:
    You can easily update Cartmeister to the newest version by Light Updates. Light Update – is the tool of WEBaby Corp. that allows you to download new version, features or new templates to your computer. All you have to do is to press one button on the main window of Cartmeister.
    That means you can get for free or buy some especial tools: for example, the tool of checking grammar or CD/DVD label creator. If you need some new feature that is not created yet, you can write to the developers and they may create it for you.
    The other advantage is that Cartmeister supports most of the common picture formats: jpg, tif, png, bmp.
    Cartmeister’s Gallery contains big amount of pre-designed templates, paintings, backgrounds, cliparts and unique collection of Middle-Aged ornaments.