New Sitecraft-Newbie
14.12.2009 02:18

     WEBaby Corp. released a new version of web design software - Sitecraft-Newbie. It was made for those who want to create a site for themselves, but don't know programming. You don't need to waist your time learning designer tools or web protocols.
Sitecraft-Newbie gives a great possibility to express your thoughts, show your works of art or share your life experience.

     In Sitecraft-Newbie you may create a site (from beginning till publication) in 5 minutes. Of course, you will need more time to make a design that you like and to write all necessary texts. But you'll come through these difficulties, as soon as you will feel the joy of creation… Sitecraft-Newbie can really help you feel this joy.

     Few words about the main features of Sitecraft-Newbie: the publication is very simplified. You will get one free location on WEBaby's server:, so you really can create your first site and publish it in 5 minutes.
     You will be able to create more sites, but you can publish them only on WEBaby's server. If you like the program, but want to publish site to another location, you can buy Sitecraft-Studio.

     You may use Sitecraft Gallery or insert your own pictures and photos.

     Download a free trial version to try Sitecraft-Newbie with your own hands and see all its benefits. Or read more about the program here:

     The full version of Sitecraft-Newbie is priced at $19 (US).