New release - Sitecraft-Studio
02.11.2009 02:17

In November 2009, WEBaby Corp. released a new version of site constructor – Sitecraft-Studio. We developed Sitecraft-Studio for those who need a web-site, but have no time to learn web-programming, designer tools or web protocols in all their complexities. No need for experience and no need for any additional software.


With the help of Sitecraft-Studio you can create commercial projects, as well as to create small sites for yourself or for your family.


The main features of Sitecraft-Studio:

-                      an easy-to-use interface that allows to create a site in 5 minutes: from beginning till publication;

-                      rich image Gallery, that you can use for designing your site, as well as you can insert your own pictures. Sitecraft-Studio support most usable picture formats;

-                      various possibilities of publication: you can publish a site on test location, order a paid hosting on, as well as publish site to your test location;

-                      you will get one free hosting on server.


Download a free trial version to try Sitecraft-Studio with your own hands and see all its benefits.

Sitecraft-Studio is priced at $59 (US). Further information and trial version are available from Sitecraft Support Site -