SIT - Smart Interface Technologies. What is it?

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    The SIT technology is opening itself in several steps. Many of them especially initial ones are not something special or unusual at all. Actually many of the SIT steps are only summarizing the best experience gained in world programming industry. Therefore one may consider some steps of SIT to be a matter of course and usual.

    Unfortunately, these matter of course steps are being applied in practice much more seldom then it is saying about.

    For example, the development of any software product using SIT begins with writing content scenario. This is so evident need, especially in the development of relatively big products that it seems everybody should do it. However in practice, as life shows most of developers happily limit themselves with vague image of an idea, which they have in their heads.

    It gives certain advantage for developers - they have less to write and can hold a customer or owner in the dependent and controlled state. As soon as he/she has invested first money in such "project" he/she is fully in hands of the "specialist", who is the only person knowing what to do.

    As a result many projects just don't come to their completion because of psychological reasons like the expert was offended and gone away or because of ill-reasoning. It is impossible to attach the second head to the "leading ill-project". And to make the design blind is too difficult for anybody.

    In general if we speak about programming production, the necessity of content scenario does not need to be proved. As for specificity of SIT it lays on this stage in the following: the idea must be taken out from the personal possession of one developer and turn to a team creative work.

    How we can "take away" this piece from a cave-bearist, which got into the way of working alone, and instill in him other sense of ownership on authorship? This is the task indeed. But gathered team of geniuses and geniuscists can work efficiently only if its members do not divide authorship and glory. In case such team can be created at once, the company's creativity thrives and brainstorm is going on permanently.

    SIT - Smart Interface Technologies in many respects become embodied in a interface due to the creative state of developers and artists. Friendliness and quickness of wit are very subtle states like ones, which are achieved in talented film or play. The play is the same, but it creates furore played by one actors and failure played by others.

    In general, success of SIT is laid on the basis of simplest initially steps known to everybody. They consist in the following: whether the company manages to turn the talented people came to the project into the integral, friendly and very creative team. SIT is in a sense just psychological interface of such team.

Ivan Skomoroh