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Our products:
  • Sitecraft - a software for creating Web site. There are two versions:
1) Sitecraft-Studio  - for creating professional sites
2) Sitecraft-Newbie - for creating a site for yourself
  • Cartmeister - a tool for creating business cards, IDs, badges and other cards


    Our company presents itself as a software development company. Right now we can tell you about two big full-fledged products only, not taking into consideration smaller products of all kinds, which we are developing in order to keep up the necessary creative and professional level of our Art and Design Studios. These small products, which we offer for sale as our Demo-goods, are artistic screensavers, wallpapers and screenmates. Of course, they might seem trifles which could have been made by a solitary seventeen-year old developer-handicraftsman, and in big amounts. But we are thinking about what all this is being done for. If you understand or just believe in the fact that we are considering some other important goals, it will be much easier for you to believe that these products are just small steps to something that lies beyond the show-window of our shop. In other words, through these small products we are going to start working with some very sophisticated things. And certainly, since we have claimed ourselves a company promoting Smart Interface Technologies, these things will closely concern interfaces.

    Nowadays, we have developed some interface solutions, which we consider to be the XXI Century ones. Unfortunately, there are so many of them that we are not able to market them all right away, because we cannot produce them now, with the forces we possess. We lack talented developers and experienced designers. Weve got enough gifted artists, but they dont yet know how to combine their talents with the requirements of the software interface design. We lack developers, who could not only write codes, but who would also understand the Programming of the Future and would be able to learn. This is discussed separately in the "Research" section and in the "Magazine", where we have spoken about what the contemporary market, or rather Market of the Future, demands of a present-day developer. We will tell you about this separately, concerning the difficulties of market programming.

    Now, with the development team we have available, we can lead only two big software products. One of them is Sitecraft. To tell the truth, we are a bit cunning when we call it a big project, as we internally consider it a small one; and its purpose was just to "stir up" our first team of developers. This small product has grown, as we see it, into a big and useful one, that not only lets its owner appear on the Internet market with his or her own site in an easy and natural way, but can also substitute a full-fledged graphic editor. At least, as far as it concerns web sites' creating.

    This product is headed by leading designer Konstantin Semikolennyh ( If you need more details, turn to his articles, or you can ask him questions, and he will be glad to answer them. Though it is quite possible that we will add other designers to this project now, as SIT (Smart Interface Technologies) supposes or even demands the total design change after the program part has already been solved. You'll be able to know more about it in the corresponding sections of the site. Our second product, the Homing Pigeon, has also first been regarded as a way to enlarge the sales of our Sitecraft through bundle sales.

    We understand that the Sitecraft will be used by people who have Internet connection. That means that he or she should have a modem. As soon as this product was designed, we've started looking for partners who could sell our products not only in the Western, but in the Eastern market also. And we've found companies in China and in USA who have wished to sell the Sitecraft as the software bundled with their modems. Of course, when we started thinking about what a modem could be used for, it became clear to us that the only thing it does is just letting people connect to the Internet. And then a person can manifest him- or herself to the world, buy something, send and receive mail, and have fun. So, weve had an idea, that if, along with manifesting his or her existence by means of a site, a person would be able to send and receive mail, that would make up a pretty good bundle. And so, we've decided to create a mailer, but with a full 3D interface. We have also added a feature allowing one to send a message in any language. It's not just a multilingual feature, it is an all-lingual feature covering all existing languages. How we've managed to solve it  we will explain to those who wish to work with us and sell our products. And of other products being developed now I'm going to tell you in the Research page.