A. Nedoria
    Our company is young. However, it gets together professionals: testers and developers, designers and artists, managers and psychologists, who have considerable experience in software development.

    First of all we are united by aspiration to make a computer closer and friendlier to those whom it was intended for. And maybe not just closer and friendlier. We'd like to turn it into a real friend and assistant, who is easy and pleasant to communicate with and who is always ready to assume a part of your work.

    Why do we want to do that? Just because it has become unbearable for ourselves.

    And that is why. Computers become more and more powerful and thus able to solve more complicated tasks. The programs intended for solving such tasks are not simple either. First of all, they are not easy to handle. Not easy to such an extent that an artist mastering a graphical editor or a writer mastering a text editor have to stand a hard fight with a computer. They have to force constantly through growing irritation because it is absolutely impossible to understand how I can do what I want to do!

    Such battles never happen without leaving a trace. And even if you've forced through and learned to work with your editor or mailbox in some way, even then you feel yourself an unbidden guest in this not very hospitable and in a way even dangerous computer world.

    That's what makes it unbearable.
    We'd like to have such a world inside a computer where everyone feels calm and comfortable and where everyone remains a master of his or her own tools.

    This is the task we're trying to accomplish in our company.