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    Features of the Sitecraft

The major peculiarity of the Sitecraft is that it is made according to Smart Interface Technologies (SIT - see the "Research" section).

    We do not leave the owner of our tool face to face with a bulk of odd buttons and screens. The Sitecraft's features are opened gradually, step by step. New buttons and tools appear only when a user has been acquainted with old ones and has understood what are they for. This principle of technological steps is constituted as a basis of all software products of our company.
Our artists and designers have tried to design the Sitecraft's interface in the most attractive way. But at the same time we have managed to keep simplicity and logicality of the representation of all control and design elements on a screen.
    Even if an owner comes across some difficulty, the tutorial will help solve the problem in a game-like way. In our opinion, this will help save a lot of time buyers usually spend on studying new software products.

    The tool has built-in
graphic editor allowing to handle and change images straight in the program without the help of other graphic editors (like PhotoShop etc.). It will help you

    1) To save your money because you won't need to buy additional tools (and some of them are rather expensive), and

    2) To save you time because you won't need to study these tools.

    While developing the embedded graphic editor, we tried to add enough features allowing to create unusual, sometimes unexpected effects. At the same time, we tried not to pack it out with the functions, which are unnecessary while working with images intended for publishing in the Internet. With the editor, it allows one to:

  • Change image size;
  • Rotate an image to 90, 180, 270 degrees;
  • Mirror an image over vertical and horizontal axis;
  • Change brightness and contrast range of an image;
  • Cut an arbitrary area out of an image;
  • Change color spectrum of an image;
  • Paint an image to any color;
  • Lay an arbitrary text on an image;
  • Create shadow effect;
  • Create relief effect;
  • Set an arbitrary form to an image (mask);
  • Cut certain color (or a color group) out of an image;
  • Animate image - make it change when mouse pointer is pointed to it.

    The Sitecraft is supplied with a set of both
site samples and page samples. If your aim is to quickly make a number of high-quality pages and present yourself in the Internet, you can use them without puzzling over a site design. In case the samples do not suit you, you can create your own pages of different complexity.

    You also can use a large library of pictures and build your site from these pictures as from the "bricks". The library will help you to be creative and show your artistic talents.

    One of the main zests of our tool is the possibility to transform the outward appearance of a ready site (refresh it) completely at any moment with the changing color spectrum of the whole site, (including all texts, pictures etc.) at just one movement of the mouse. We have not met such a feature in the other builders that we know of.

    From our own experience, we can say that usually, sooner or later, the knowledge of HTML and JavaScript has to be used for site development. For example, if you'd like to make an "animated" picture, i.e. a picture reacting to pressure. In our tools the "animation" effect can be achieved with one mouse-click. Necessary codes will be inserted automatically.

    The last one is that the tool keeps a developed site in such a format that allows handling them with other programs and excludes problems of incompatibility with new tool versions.

    These are, in short, the product's features we want our buyers and partners to pay attention to.