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We have been developing software professionally for a long time already, and we are taking more and more pleasure doing it. Now we are looking for marketing professionals, who are taking pleasure in promoting the software products in the software market.

    We want to enter a new market niche: software tools for newcomers. To be even more precise - web tools for the beginners. Therefore we are looking for partners, who will be able to accomplish this task professionally and fully save us from all issues with that.

    But we are looking for the peculiar partners - our partners, who would understand us, and with whom we could negotiate our interaction. And, above all, we are looking for such market professionals, who like our approach, like the things we are doing, and to whom we can entrust our products. Why?

    Because we treat them very carefully, as they are special to us!
They are special, first of all, because a lot of work has been put into them.

    To begin with, an institute has worked on the development of the theoretical approach to our products - a special research institute of Market Programming "Homeworld Road" (for more details about the institute see section "Russian Subsidiary").

    On the ground of the market research the institute has established a direction for our further developments - Web Tools for the Beginners. These are the tools that will enable a beginner with no skill in programming, for instance, a business man, make the first steps into the world of the Web by himself.

    Besides that, the institute has created a new technology of software development, called SIT (Smart Interface Technology - see section "Research"). That is a technology that allows us to develop interfaces easily used by the beginners.

    But the main thing is, most probably, another one. Our products are special to us, because their creators - researchers, scriptwriters, designers and programmers - have put their souls into them. And that, of course, has had its effect on the products themselves. Their cozy interface - artistic, convenient, and welcome - allows its owner not only to work productively, but also to relax by the heart. We love our products and we will pass them into good hands only!

    We will pass our first products to our partners for promoting them to the market - the Site Craft and Homing Pigeon. Using the Site Craft every beginner will be able to make a site - his own representation in the world-wide web, and with the help of Homing Pigeon he will communicate with other inhabitants of this virtual world, sending and receiving mails from them (for more details see section "Products/Projects"). And having passed the products to the partners, we ourselves will concentrate on the development of the new products, which are already waiting for us.

    We are looking for publishers, distributors, software resellers and technical support companies who would like to work with us in the market of Web Tools for the Beginners and settle together these new territories.

We are waiting for your offers at: partners@webaby-corp.com