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    WEBaby Corp. is a USA software development company and at the same time it has departments located in other countries. In particular, a quite experienced Research and Development Department in Russia and a recently opened department in Canada.
    WEBaby Corp. has grown out of a Canadian software consulting company, Avalon's Tree Inc., which has been operating successfully on the custom software market for about 10 years.

    In our work we are trying to combine research and software products development. At the moment we are completing a fairly large project - Site Craft; it is the first product in which we've tried to embody our technology of a friendly approach to the owner of a future project, in our own interpretation. The technology is called SIT - Smart Interface Technologies. Although SIT is not a revolution that will save the world, we are proud because here we succeeded in finding and making several steps beyond the generally accepted understanding of interface theory.

    Now we are polishing the basis of this approach in our products, but after the basis, we hope, there will appear some very unexpected solutions. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    For ourselves we chose two basic directions of development. The first is games and the second are tools for a businessman.

    By letting the cat out of the bag, we would like to one day join all this together, both our research and development directions, into a research of artificial intelligence. But not into a boring academic or an amateur technological research, as it has quite often turned out with dabbler developers.

    On the one hand, we want to train a team of professionals skilled in design and programming who can give a modern appearance to a product. On the other hand, we want to prepare a fundamental theory allowing not to be caught by the trap of AI falsifications, in the meaning of an "Artificial Idiot".

    It is clear that we should know all that already exists, and know it rather well. But there is another thing that is clear no less. If you are more or less seriously engaged in theory of AI, then you should at least have noticed that it lacks something important to become alive. We intend to bring this absent piece of life from applied psychology in which we have considerable experience.

    We are rather critical to ourselves and wholly assume that we will not cope with the task completely. But at the same time we are practical enough and successful enough as businessmen to see that even the things that we get from our investigations now are very profitable and will advantageously improve our products.